Episode 7 – This episode has 2 of everything

Welcome to episode 7 of I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This! While reviewing stories to find a theme for this episode we discovered that, just like Noah, we have two of everything, so we plugged our themes into the randomizer and let it decide for us which stories to feature. Will you finally get CRIME or will you get a lesbian hammer fight instead? Enjoy the show!

Episode 6 – This episode swings

Welcome to episode 6 of I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This: PODSWAP 2017. All of the stories in this episode are from the hosts of other local podcasts. First, Dylan from The Let’s Go Eat Show and Salt Lake Film Society’s Talking Film shares a story from his time as an intern for The Daily Show. Next Dustin and Ty from It’s Always Smoggy in Ogden regale us with stories of bad decisions and an hookup gone horrible wrong. Please support their podcasts, you will love them. As always, subscribe, rate, share, and ENJOY!

Episode 1 – This episode is dope

Welcome to the premier episode of I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This. This episode is all about drugs, which seems to be a common theme when we ask folks what they shouldn’t be telling us. First up, T.O. shares an uncomfortable experience with peyote. Next, we hear of the rise and fall of King Midas’s ecstasy empire. Finally, Tommy tells the sad story of an opportunity slipping through his fingers.