Episode 14 – Happy Sugar Smacks Pee

Welcome to episode 14 of I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This. Since we took such a long hiatus, we’re going to go ahead and call this Season 2! This episode is all about indecent proposals. First up, a little snip is proposed on a first date. Next, a very romantic proposal is made atop the Empire State Building. Finally, a Match date proposes that his shady past is no big deal. Also, we get propositioned!

Episode 13 – This episode is a food ghost

We’re back! Sort of. Here’s the deal: We will be back for realsies in December, but in the meantime please enjoy this super spooky I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This Halloween Special! Tonight, we dig into the supernatural with a spooky haunting and a handsy ghost, and we head to a cabin in the woods for a tasty breakfast.

Episode 10 – This episode is cringe worthy

Welcome to Episode 10 of I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This. This episode to full of horribly unfortunate events. First, Bambi has a run-in with Pat. Next, Ernesto tries his hardest to kill Marty. Finally, Josh falls hard for a longtime crush. Our final story comes from the creator and quiz master of Josh’s Pub Quiz, which we highly recommend. Josh hosts two pub quizzes each week, one at Ice Haus in Murray every Monday night at 8, and one at Funk ‘n Dive Bar in Ogden every Wednesday night at 8. We are at the Ogden quiz nearly every Wednesday, so please come have a beer with us and challenge us to a little trivia.

Episode 7 – This episode has 2 of everything

Welcome to episode 7 of I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This! While reviewing stories to find a theme for this episode we discovered that, just like Noah, we have two of everything, so we plugged our themes into the randomizer and let it decide for us which stories to feature. Will you finally get CRIME or will you get a lesbian hammer fight instead? Enjoy the show!